• Blockchain Gaming.

    Our game economies are built on top of cryptocurrency, allowing players to earn rewards through gaming.

In development

Siege Worlds

A MMORPG that is in the early stages of development by Games Interactive, along with The Divi Project.

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Games Interactive - our company

We bring people together through online gaming.

Games Interactive was founded in 2020. Our UK production team consists of, game designers, programmers, graphic artists, illustrators, animators and sound engineers.
We specialise in developing and creating Blockchain Games, inclusive of massively multiplayer online role playing games for both mobile and online markets.

Blockchain Games

We develop multi-player Blockchain games which use cryptocurrency as an underlying platform to support our game economy.


We deploy to a wide range of platforms including Windows, Mac OS, Web Browser and Virtual Reality!


Games Interactive is an independent publisher and we plan to release our first self-published game in early 2021.

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