Siege Worlds


Earn Cryptocurrency by defeating enemies


Battle alongside your team mates to win

What is Siege Worlds

Siege Worlds is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing) game that is in development by Games Interactive, along with team members from The Divi Project and fans.

Players will pay an entry fee for each hour of play, and will earn DIVI and other crypto currencies by defeating organized waves of enemies.

The rewards for defeating complicated waves of enemies will accumulate with each loss, attracting better players as the rewards of victory grow.

The mechanics of the game encourage team coherence, practice, communication and planning.

DIVI drives the economy of Siege World and will use the FTN for multiple aspects of the game. As the creation of portable characters that can be bought and sold, and used in numerous games through game companies that adhere to the SW standard is being developed.

Game strategy

Legendary heroes from all over the world are reincarnated on an island and forced to fight.

The players, as a group, will defend a number of villages, fortresses and castles, always retreating as the valley in which they are located narrows backwards. They must protect their queen to win the game in one hour.

There are a number of walls, gates, bridges, etc. that are bottlenecks that you must try to defend and support each other in order to win. The game mechanics will reward cooperative play.

We will have a series of parallel missions for the small squads to continue, looking for special items and weapons that can be used to change the course of the battle.

Meanwhile, there’s a big mystery to be solved. Why are they on the island? Who or what is behind this? Are we destined to be reborn, only to die and be reborn forever?

The story will unfold as the game develops.

Join the Telegram group to follow the progress.

Or, visit the official website for Siege Worlds here.

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